Indira Novic

Psychologist, Reconnective Healer Neutral Bay

I N D I R A   H A R A C I C – N O V I C

Psychologist and Reconnective Healing practitioner

Combining psychotherapy and counselling with energy healing modalities, blended in a unique way, Indira provides holistic methods for treating emotional and psychosomatic problems such as:


  • Stress and numerous physical ailments caused by stress,
  • Anxiety, including phobias, panic attacks and trauma;
  • Depression, Grief and Loss,
  • Relationship problems and Family issues


She has a reputation as an experienced psychotherapist and healer who is specialised in assisting individuals to deal with difficult issues of personal change and psychosomatic well-being.


Her insights into the “body-mind” aspects of physical and emotional problems enables her to assist their clients in the pursuit of well-integrated balance between their body, emotions and personal lives.