Rani Muller

Psychotherapy Neutral Bay

R A N I   M U L L E R

Psychotherapy/Councelling, Astrological Consultations, Energy Therapy/Reiki, Macro-Nutrition, Psycic Tarot

Rani Müller’s early interest and passion in astrology saw her leaving Australia in 1995 to embark on Liz Greene’s in depth three year psychological astrology course, which was held at London’s Regent’s College.


Certified in psychological astrology, she proceeded with a counselling course at the WPF (Westminster Pastoral Foundation) in London, U.K. This sufficiently wetted her appetite. Rani embarked on a four year psychotherapy training at the CCPE (Centre for Counselling and Psychotherapy Education, London, U.K.) Here she received her diploma in counselling and transpersonal psychotherapy in 2003. Prior to her years in England, Rani had already trained in a variety of diverse healing modalities all over the world: Tibetan Pulsing Healing in Pune, India, Macro-Nutrition at the East West Centre in Boston, U.S. as well as in Tokyo, Japan.


Rani speaks six languages and is happy to offer the above modalities in either English, Dutch, Flemish, German, French or Spanish.