Psychic Reader Clairvoyant Neutral Bay

Sin Mariani

Channel, Energy Healer

I have a gift. I am able to tap into the Universal Intelligence and deliver the answers to your burning questions. However I do not call myself a psychic.

The reason being is I connect to the highest most purest wisdom available to humankind to provide you with the guidance or healing you require right now. This same “Source” provides not only answers, but strategies to support you in life and energy to shift obstacles or heal. As a channel, I work with light and in my line of work “anything is possible.” My clients always leave a session calm and confident yet excited and ready for the next phase.

It is true in some sessions, that a deceased relative or friend may visit, or a spirit guide or ascended master will be present in a session. I will always ask Source, and then the client, if this is ok. This ensures the purity and integrity of the guidance I am providing is maintained.